Minutes of the Burford Town Council meeting held in the Council
Chamber 9 September 2017 at 7.00pm

Present: Cllr J White, Mayor. Cllr J Tunnell-Westmacott Deputy Mayor,
Cllr D Cohen, Cllr S Lofthouse, Cllr P Bush, Cllr M Taubenheim, Cllr N Mills, Cllr D
Cotterill, Maggie Andrews – Town Clerk John Yeatman – Treasurer.
Cllr N Field-Johnson. Mr L Reynolds, Mr D Griffin, Mr & Mrs McIntyre.
At the beginning of the meeting Mr McIntyre expressed concerns about the development
in Tanners Lane regarding lack of privacy and the need for management of the buffer
strip. These concerns will be addressed when the Council send in their comments on
planning applications.
Mr Reynolds requested permission to organize a traffic calming device for Witney Street
and Tanners Lane. He is not looking to the Council for funding.

1. MINUTES. Resolved: That the minutes of the Council meeting 2 August 2017 be
approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.

Website. The matter is being progressed.

3. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Cllrs Brown & Temple-Bruce.

Carol Service. December 10th. This will take the usual form of a Civic Carol Service,
refreshments to be served after the service. Cllr Tunnell agreed to cater for the event.
Bonfire night – 5 November. Cllr Cohen to liaise with Fire Fighters for
Remembrance Service, War Memorial 12 November. Stewards are required – Cllrs Bush
& Taubenheim agreed to assist. Cllr Cohen to organise appropriate signage regarding

The Mayor reported that he had had a very helpful meeting with Astrid Harvey at
WODC. Three people have put themselves forward so far, for the steering group. The
plan must be community led and it was stressed there must be no personal agendas. A
town meeting may be called sometime late autumn to establish if the town want to go
ahead. Any grants will have to be spent within three months of allocation.

The following Councillors declared a personal interest because they represent the Council
as Chairmen of the following committees:-
Cllr White – Chairman of Traffic Committee. Also receiving a cheque for £100, tickets
for a Charity dinner.
Cllr Taubenheim – Chairman of the Pavilion committee & Deputy Chairman of the
Planning Committee.
Cllr Tunnell-Westmacott – Cemetery & Environment.
Cllr Mills declared an interest regarding the planning application for Tanners Lane by
way of the fact that he sold the land for development.

The audit has been passed with no issues arising.
The Business Rates appeal has been dismissed.
Council was asked to submit requests for the next year’s budget as soon as possible.
Payments for approval:-
Council account:-
Mrs Andrews 753. 50
Inland Revenue 429. 30
J Yeatman 266. 40
Nest Pension (D/D) 16. 31
Mr & Mrs K Dadge 97. 50
David Buckland 1215.05
Petty Cash 40. 00
Ricoh UK 70. 83
Margaret Johnson stationery 99. 77
Talkingoutloud Website services 25. 00
McCracken & Son 8th grass cut 1737. 60
Playsafety inspection 92. 40
BDO audit fees 360. 00
A K Timms 37. 20
John White charity dinner 100. 00
Margaret Johnson stationery 37. 84
SSE office 296.91. Rec 65.35 361. 96
Chubb Fire annual contract 2. 61
BT business bill 31. 80
The above were passed for payment.

Cllr White reported that he had attended a Rotary Club dinner who have asked to use the
Tolsey to raise money for ‘shelter’ boxes which go to disaster areas.
He appeared on TV and radio regarding the HGV situation, also attending County Hall
with Cllr Field- Johnson and Ken Gray regarding the public consultation. A response is
being prepared for mid September.

9. WODC REPORT Cllr D Cotterill
The Uplands planning Committee members made a site visit to Burford on 31 August to
view the proposed site for 85 houses east of Burford. The Planning Officer explained the
access and drainage arrangements but any layout is currently illustrative as this outline
application asks for all matters to be reserved for a detailed application except for access.
The site was viewed from all angles including the A40, Westhall Hill and Blacksmiths
The rental only build in Falkland Close are not ready for allocation yet.
When Cottsway hand them over to WODC the properties will be placed on the
Homeseeker Plus system so that qualified persons may bid for them.
All will need to have a valid Burford connection.
Two properties which are part buy/part rent have been allocated as the process for
mortgage grants, etc., takes longer. Both have been allocated to persons with a valid
Burford connection.
WODC have lost an appeal in Taynton for Coombe Barn. WODC tried to protect the
heritage assets of the village and objected to the extensive fenestration of a ‘cart shed’
type extension to the property. There are further enforcement actions in train in Taynton
due to building works lacking permissions and listed buildings not being maintained.
There appears to be insufficient strength given to councils to enable confident heritage
protection to be undertaken. The Unicorn Pub at Great Rollright is a case in point where
argument has been tagging for 30 years and WODC is only just able to a compulsory
purchase stage.

There is nothing new to report at this stage – however the temporary car park can be open
for 75 days of the year.

11. OCC REPORT Cllr N Field-Johnson
Oxfordshire Infrastructure Strategy. The strategy will be considered on 26 September by
Oxfordshire’s six councils. Public consultation on the strategy’s prioritisation framework
concludes on 3 September.
Housing Infrastructure Fund. Bids totaling up to £500m will be made by OCC, with the
support of the Growth Board, to the government’s HIF by 28 September.
Oxfordshire Growth Board. Negotiations are underway with government to agree a
package for Oxfordshire that will help unblock housing and increase productivity through
a number of freedoms and flexibilities.
Congratulations. To all students who achieved their objectives after receiving GCSE, AS
and A-Level exams results last month. OCC is giving advice for 16-19 year olds about
staying in learning, finding a job or starting an apprenticeship. The Oxme website is a
chat service to talk to young people and parents about employment opportunities.
Daytime Support. As demand for social care grows. OCC is introducing a new daytime
service. From 1 October OCC’s Health and Wellbeing & Learning Disability Daytime
Support Services will be replaced by a new Community Support Service. This will be
delivered from eight centres; Abingdon, Banbury, Bicester, Didcot, Oxford, Wallingford,
Wantage & Witney. Many people who use daytime services have multiple needs and the
Community Support Service buildings will be used by all service user groups with staff
providing personalized support. Further information at
Recycling Centre update. Banners and leaflets are now on site at all seven HWRC’s,
informing local residents that there will be a change in non-household waste charges from
the 1 October. The existing DIY 1,2,3 for free scheme is being replaced by a small fixed
fee per items of £1.50 for non-household waste. More information about the changes is
available on line at www.oxforedshire.gov.uk/chargeable waste.
South Oxfordshire Home Care.
A home care provider in Oxfordshire has been rated as ‘Outstanding’ by the Care Quality
Commission (CQC). George Springall Homecare is a domiciliary care (home care)
agency providing support and care to people in their own homes in the South Oxfordshire
area. The award means that Oxfordshire is now better than the national average for
‘Outstanding’ domiciliary care agencies with three per cent given the top rating locally
compared to two per cent nationally.
NIC Cycling adviser visits Oxford. The Sunday Times journalist Andrew Gilligan was in
Oxford on 7 and 8 August in his role of cycling adviser to the National Infrastructure
Commission (NIC). He had been asked to write a report on cycling across Oxford,
Milton Keynes, Cambridge and the Growth Corridor and how to make it a ‘world class’.
Discussions took place which included future plans – provision for cycle commuters
(who account for 19% of all commuter journeys in the city) how to get more people into
cycling and cycling’s health benefits.

A resident in Rippon, visiting Burford showed great concern regarding the HGV situation
in Burford. The Mayor was able to advise him of the latest situation.

The following plan was considered and our comments sent to WODC planning
17/02577/RES. Land at Tanners Lane. Erection of six dwellings. The council approved
the plans subject to plot 1 – the gable end window overlooks the neighbour. Taking into
account the other windows in this extension we feel it superfluous. The buffering strip
between the new properties and existing, in Tanners Lane, needs a management strategy
attached to it.
17/02414/HHD. The Old Rectory. Widening the existing pedestrian access opening to
cerate a vehicular access. Council were vehemently opposed to this application. The
Council sent notification of this same decision on 29 June 2016.
17/02480/HHD. Bancroft Barns Lane. Erection of two storey front extension.
Council were unhappy with the flat roof extension which is out of character with the
existing properties. A pitched roof is preferred.
17/02747/LBC. Lloyds Bank. Installation of dome camera. No objection.
Recreation Ground/Pavilion
Tree work continues to be carried out including the raising of canopies to enable the grass
cutting contractor easier access.
A ROSPA report has been received for the play area and overall the rating is medium
with no major problems.
A booking has been received for use of the Pavilion for a party.
Environment & Cemetery
Parking on The Hill is increasing – the Traffic Wardens have been advised and will
police the area more often.
Trees in Shilton Road need the canopies raised so that the grass contractor can get better
access for mowing.
A complaint has been received regarding grass cuttings left on grave plots.
Witney Street. Further to Mr Reynolds request for speeding signs Council discussed the
matter and decided that two signs for Witney Street (subject to site and fixing)and one for
Tanners Lane would be appropriate. We can then judge how well the signs are working
before discussing further. Council were against a ‘mobile’ sign for the moment.
Several signs are obscured by overgrown foliage. Cllrs Mill & Cotterill will identify the
sites so that they can be reported to OCC.

Cllr Brown is looking at our BEAP (Burford Emergency Action Plan) to update.
It was mooted that the black and white union Jack flags at the Old Post Office are

It was noted that the Monday trader selling ceramics is leaving his advertising around the
Tolsey columns. He will be asked to remove them after trading.
A new trader selling linens is proposing to trade on a Wednesday, probably starting in