Minutes of the Burford Town Council meeting held in the Council
Chamber 4 October 2017 at 7.00pm

Present: Cllr J White, Mayor. Cllr J Tunnell-Westmacott Deputy Mayor,
Cllr D Cohen, Cllr S Lofthouse, Cllr P Bush, Cllr M Taubenheim,Cllr D Cotterill,
Maggie Andrews – Town Clerk John Yeatman – Treasurer.
Cllr N Field-Johnson.
CO-OPTION OF COUNCILLOR. Item 2 on the agenda was brought forward. Cooption
of Council Member. A proposal was put forward for Mr Frank Triggs to be coopted
as a Councillor, this was seconded and unanimously agreed. Cllr Triggs then
attended the meeting.

1. MINUTES. Resolved: That the minutes of the Council meeting 9 September 2017 be
approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.
It was noted that signs opposing the Coles Field site house build had mysteriously been
taken down from several sites.
Website. Several new pictures have been submitted and good progress is being made
4. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE Cllrs Brown, Mills & Temple-Bruce.
BEAP . (Burford Emergency Action Plan). Cllr Brown is reviewing and updating the
document. Councillors were urged to read it through and submit any changes or additions
as necessary, for the next council meeting
There has been no further development to date with still only two members of the public
willing to stand on a steering group. The Mayor reiterated that he may at some stage hold
a town meeting to establish the town’s view and to produce a group to assist. If this does
not prove useful, the plan will not go ahead.

The following Councillors declared a personal interest because they represent the Council
as Chairmen of the following committees:-
Cllr White – Chairman of Traffic Committee.
Cllr Taubenheim – Chairman of the Pavilion committee & Deputy Chairman of the
Planning Committee.
Cllr Tunnell-Westmacott – Cemetery & Environment.
Cllr Cohen declared an interest by way of the fact he received a cheque for £18.15 which
was reimbursement for a gift for our twinned town Potenza Picena.

Council was asked to submit requests for the next year’s budget as soon as possible.
The Treasurer circulated the quarterly report.
Council has contributed £500 towards this year’s firework display.
Castle Water has offered a £50 voucher if a direct debit is set up – the council have taken
advantage of this offer.
The Witney Street speed signs account now holds £1400.
It was approved by Council to contribute a further £300 to the Villager bus service; this
will come from our contingency money.
We have still not received payment from OCC regarding grass cutting & Lengthman
allowance. Cllr Field-Johnson will chase this on our behalf.
It has been noted that the Chamber of Trade are pursuing corporate sponsorship for the
Christmas lights. The sponsor would require signs on verges and the roundabout.
Signage would be at OCC’s discretion but we would require preview of the signs before
we could finally give our support to this.

Council account:-
Mrs Andrews 746. 80
Inland Revenue 450. 13
J Yeatman 361. 60
Nest Pension (D/D) 16. 31
Mr & Mrs K Dadge 97. 50
David Buckland 1215.05
Talkingoutloud Website services 25. 00
McCracken & Son 10th grass cut + tree planting 2445. 60
John Yeatman reimbursement for new strimmer (5 A’s) 348. 00
WODC waste collection, Cemetery 213. 98
WODC waste collection, Office 160. 68
WODC waste collection, Rec 299. 78
Petty Cash 60. 00
David Buckland dry stone walling Rec 110. 00
Rob Taylor repainting Cemetery chapel gutters/downpipes etc. 250. 00
A K Timms 37. 81
Castle Water Tolsey 11.58, Cemetery 13.32 24. 90
Kimbolton Fireworks (BTC £500) 2488. 76
David Cohen 18. 15
The above were passed for payment.

The Mayor attended a NAG meeting held at the Council chamber. In attendance were two
officers from TVP. They explained the new working model which is divided in to three
departments: Response team, (999 – consisting of 8 members) Investigation team
(consisting of 7 members) and Neighbourhood group problem solving (4 members).
Twenty four people are covering our district. It is inevitable that we will suffer other
Charlbury Council has written a letter to Publica Group outlining their concerns
regarding lack of transparency on the transfer of WODC services to Publica. The letter
was distributed to Councillors. The Mayor felt the matter should lie for the moment.

10. WODC REPORT Cllr D Cotterill
Blue topped recycling bins and information booklets have been delivered so everyone
should have them ready for then new Ubico waste and recycling commencing 1 October.
Ubico is the council owned waste collection company which has been collecting green
waste since April. Fly away plastics cannot be recycled but WODC paid extra £180,000
power annum for them to be collected as they were a doubtful item in the early days and
WODC wanted to prevent them littering the streets. Now they will go into the Household
waste bins and incinerated.
The booklet does not explain any of the recycling symbols found on today’s packaging
nor does it mention certain items, light bulbs, which have a ‘no wheelie bin’ symbol on
them. However the range of items which can be collected has been extended.
Publica will be launched on 1 November 2017 and all staff at WODC will transfer to the
new company. Publica is a Teckal company owned by the Councils it serves. These are
Cotswold, Forest of Dean, West Oxfordshire DCs and Cheltenham BC.
These Councils will retain their independence and identity but WODC will only own
25% of Publica. Publica will also provide service through Cheltenham Trust,
Cheltenham Borough Homes ALMO and Ubico the environment company. The overall
objective is to save money.
Some dissatisfaction is being voiced in certain quarters that services are deteriorating
because of this cost saving venture. However funds are drying up from central
government and other sources such that services would have certainly deteriorated very
noticeably had organisations stayed as they were.
New Data Protection regulations mean that all towns and parish councils should have a
Data Protection Officer appointed in the future. The main tasks will be:
Dealing with subject access requests and rights to be forgotten requests; Reporting data
breaches to affected subjects; Implementing and updating policies and procedures;
Dealing with enquiries and complaints from data subjects.

Planning permission has been granted for a temporary car park for two years (75 days).
Concern has been shown over the grass which will be churned up in bad weather.

12. OCC REPORT Cllr N Field-Johnson
Oxfordshire Infrastructure Funding bid. The Oxfordshire Growth Board has provided
unanimous support for an application to the Government’s Housing Infrastructure Fund
(HIF) as part of a package of investment to deliver transport infrastructure. The funding
bid for up to £500 million was submitted on 28 September. Money is sought to bring
forward infrastructure investment to pump-prime three major development schemes:
Didcot Garden Town – £171m is bid for transport improvements which would support the
delivery of over 22,000 homes in Didcot, Culham, Harwell and Berinsfield.
West Oxfordshire Garden Village – £135.4m is bid for further upgrades to the A40,
building on existing schemes and based on the approved A40 Long Term Strategy
including development of the Rapid Transit network and additional highway capacity on
A40 transport corridor.
This would support the delivery of over 10,000 homes in Witney & Carterton, and around
North of Oxford – £152m is bid for the development of Rapid Transport lines on
upgraded A44 and A426 corridors, a new Park Ride, and strategic cycle infrastructure
Support is also sought for additional educational requirements (as yet uncosted). This
would support the delivery of 5,570 homes in Woodstock, Begbroke/Yarnton and the
Northern Gateway.
The bids submitted to the £2.3 billion Housing Infrastructure Fund are ranked as above
according to the Government’s scoring method. The Government will consider
Oxfordshire’s bids along with those from other areas and the highest ranking schemes
will go through to a second stage in Spring 2018.
The HIF funding bids complement other work being conducted by the Growth Board to
secure investment in transport, schools, hospitals and other infrastructure needed to
support the predicted growth in population, and meet the future need of Oxfordshire
families, their children and grandchildren in terms of jobs and homes across the county to
2040 and beyond.
Tenth Public Health Annual Report Published. Oxfordshire’s Director of Public Health
has published his tenth Annual Report. It is written in a very readable style and can be
found here http://mycouncil.oxfordshire.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?
Children’s Services. Last year the Council opened a £1m Transition Fund to help schemes
for 0-5 year olds get off the ground at locations formerly served by children’s centres. To
date a total of 27 projects have been awarded funding –in addition to open access
sessions at the council’s network of 8 family centres. The final round of applications
ended earlier this year, with £232,000 remaining unallocated. The funding criteria will be
broadened to allow groups to apply for grants in locations not previously served by
children’s centres, or where a children’s centre has been repurposed. Community groups
interested in finding out more should contact localities@oxfordshire.gov.uk.
Daytime Support in Oxfordshire. A new system of delivering daytime support services in
Oxfordshire came into operation on 1 October. Eight new centres will provide support
for more than 500 older people or people with a learning disability who have been
assessed as having an eligible need and some other people who do not have an assessed
need. Each centre will have its own fleet of family-size vehicles, some of which will be
adapted. These will be used to transport people to and from the centres.

A request has been received from CAB for a donation. Council agreed to send £50.

The following plan was considered and our comments sent to WODC planning
17/02958/HHD. 176 The Hill. Alterations & erection of single storey unit.
No objection.
Page 687
17/00927/PREAPP. Bancroft, Barns Lane. Alterations to roof. Approved pitch roof.
Recreation Ground/Pavilion
The Rospa safety report flagged up a minor problem with the gate at the entrance to the
play area. John Yeatman is making contact with a contractor to rectify this.
A quote is being sought for repairs to the apron in the car park.
The proposed footpath from The Hill across the Rec now holds £8000 in the account, by
next April and after the budget £12,000 will be held. It would be possible for work to
commence next year.
A meeting is convened for 11 October. Cllr Brown’s report was circulated to the meeting
and committee members.
Tree branches which have fallen in some areas have been made safe. A
recommendation from Mr Dalby was discussed to plant new trees along the A40
boundary providing a screen if in future there was a need to remove sycamore trees along
BurfordMews. Although it was felt this work was not critical, quotes have
been sought and recommendation is to plant 5 16-18cm girth trees approximately 3.75 –
4.25m , high. £1595.00. Confirmation required of exact site. Council agreed this work
should be carried out at some time in the future.
Future work includes pruning and raising the lower canopy of trees along the A40
roadside and entrance to the Rec. Remove all elders and self-set saplings at base. (Cost
£385.00). Lift crown of beech tree close to A40 entrance to Rec. (Cost £225). Once the
Recreation Ground committee meeting has been held, the above will be put to full
Council for approval.
Cllr Cohen is organising a team for the building of the bonfire. Date to be decided.(Now
fixed at Saturday 28 October at 10.00, all; welcome).
Pavilion. The youth club is arranging an event in October and November for 7-14 year
olds. Council gave full approval.
Environment & Cemetery
Potholes on The Bridge have been reported.
A boards continue to cause problems to pedestrians. The Mayor will write to offenders
asking them to remove some and place others closer to their properties.
A request will be made to OCC for a large ‘no access’ sign at the roundabout in to Barns
Lane, after an HJGV recently demolished the major sign, a replacement for which is in

Several Councillors asked if there was a residents list to hand regarding the new Falkland
Close houses allocation. Cllr Cotterill replied not yet.
Call Taubehemin asked if Cllr Triggs could still audit our accounts since he was now a
Councilllor. Cllr Triggs will not be able to and so an independent auditor will be found.
Questions were asked about the Shilton Road development. Cllr Cotterill said that
Agent’s bids were coming in and it was possible that a sale could be completed early next
Cllr Bush suggested the Co-op be asked if they would install an ATM machine since
Barclays Bank is closing and there would be no facility on the High Street.
The Mayor will write to them.
Councillors were asked to suggest nominations for next year’s ‘Service to Burford’ medal

The annual return has been completed for the Tolsey & Colliers Charities.
The new trader selling linens has commenced trading under the Tolsey.
We now have three traders a week.